François Garnier : Medialab

The Médialab’s “Starwatcher” – History of a Non-Standard Studio

Journée d’étude, fmx/09, Stuttgart, 8 mai 2009

fmx/09 Paris ACM SIGGRAPH Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs 3DVF

In 1985, a handfull of self taught freelance CG Artists were emerging. These pioneers were working with post production companies on smaller systems, mostly PC based ( Graph9, Cubicomp, Explore PC ). In 1990 Francois Garnier joined the founders of Videosystem. From Videosystem Alain Guiot, created one of the most innovative and creative French studios of the early 1990’s: “Medialab”. They pioneered the Art of 3D animation with Moebius’s “Starwatcher ». They were also leaders in the field of performance, real time animation and virtual reality ( Cluny, 1993).

François Garnier, CG pioneer since the mid eighties, designed and directed numerous broadcast and corporate communication graphics. In 1990 he was one of the founding members of French Medialab. Freelance Director for Exmachina from 1995, he directed large formats and stereoscopic films for international shows and theme parks. In 2000, he founded AmaK, a specializing Studio for stereoscopic films, large immersive film and 3D real-time interactive installations. Francois holds a Ph.D. in “Esthétique, Sciences et Technologies des Arts  » and is Professor at “ENSAD”, in charge of the research program EN-ER.

AmaK Studio designs and produces films, digital installations, and interactive projects, for theme parks, Art and science museums, and international events. AmaK Studios is an European leader for stereoscopic films (Rides, 3D Imax theaters), specializing in large immersive film, and 3D real-time interactive installations.


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