Olivier Emery : Imagix 3D

The Beginning of 3D Animation Software Running on a PC in the 80’s

Journée d’étude, fmx/09, Stuttgart, 8 mai 2009

fmx/09 Paris ACM SIGGRAPH Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs 3DVF

Olivier Emery will try to tell the story of IMAGIX-3D, the first 3D software running on a PC middle of the 80’s. From the beginning of his research during his architectural studies and his difficulties to get access to graphical computer, to the marketed product, and succes with his first clients BSCA and Mac Guff Ligne. His presentation will close with a short clip on his current Trimaran works.

After architectural studies in Paris, Olivier Emery started as the author of IMAGIX-3D, the first French 3D animation software running on a PC in 1985. He worked then in IVAO, a French multimedia studio, developing 3D animation and graphic applications for TV and offline. In 1988, he produced the short movie « Paillafrisson », winner of a Pixel Ina Award at Imagina. Later he founded Trimaran where he still serves as CEO today. Trimaran is a French CG and VFX studio working for commercials, movies and television programs.

More information (in French) on the Wiki about French Computer Graphics history

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